About the Crew

Keith Farquhar Rover Crew began on the 8th of April, 1981. Since then the Crew has had many accolades such as nine W.F.Waters Awardees and four Baden Powell Awardees, as well as being well represented on many committees such as Surfmoot and Mudbash with a few ex-members having chaired the events.

Keith Farquhar is a District Crew in the Lerderderg Region meaning we aren’t tied to a specific Group. Members in our Crew come from a variety of Scout Groups, as well as Guiding and those brand new to Scouting. We come from diverse backgrounds such as students, tradies, nurses, IT professionals and more, joined together to give things a go, make friends, give back to the community and enjoy the outdoors.

W.F.Water AwardeesBaden Powell Awardees
2017 Samantha Ferris 2014 Samantha Ferris
2016 Catherine Paterson 2014 Catherine Paterson
2008 David Lyons 2003 Lyn Sebire
2008 Stephen Rahill 2001 Jason Troy
2006 Gary Howard 2000 Lachlan Shield
2003 Scott Rosicka1998 Amanda Freeman
2000 Caroline Overbeek
2000 Paul Roberton
2000 Jason Troy
1999 Lachlan Shield
1992 Bruce Paterson

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